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    Welcome to the  Halliwell Mark Estate Agent’s blog! We like to start off with talking about what makes a great estate agent. We know that there are a multitude of agents in the local area, so you have many to choose from. But don’t be tempted to sign up with the first one you come across. Have you done your research into who are the best fit for selling your home? Here are our top tips for knowing what you should expect from a great Estate Agent.

    A great Estate Agent will:

    • Do what they say they are going to do, when they say they will do it. Remember! You are the client, and you hold the purse strings. A good Estate Agent should make it their priority to put your needs first, and make sure you get the responses you need in a timely fashion.
    • Provide you with an honest valuation of your property. Don’t be fooled by Estate Agents who promise to get you a price that is way above the others, (and which deep down you know is unobtainable). All that glitters is not always gold! It is these agents who will be badgering you to drop your price when your property stagnates on the market. If the agents are all quoting a similar price for your property, go with the agent who will best meet your needs, not the one who over promises on price.
    • Care about the quality of the information relating to your property. Good photographs, floor plans and written information can quickly turn a buyer on or off. If your agent can’t put the effort into getting these ‘foundation stages’ right, then they aren’t worth the money.
    • Put the vendor first. Some agents are far too ready in trying to pressurise their clients to lower their price when the first cheeky offer comes in. Good agents will remember that their clients come first, and try their hardest to work hard for the very best offer.
    • Not try and promote or sell their own products. Pushy agents who claim that you have to use their own mortgage advisors or legal services are outdated. The best agents will respect that you as the buyer have choice, and let you seek out services which suit you, not them.
    • Give you continuity of contact. Fed up of being passed from pillar to post? You should be. A great agent will ensure that you deal with the same person from start to finish, minimising stress and needless effort on your part.


    A bad Estate Agent will:

    • Promise the earth but fail to deliver. No wonder house moving is renowned for being a stressful experience. If agents raise up your hopes, and then let you down time and time again it can be like being on an emotional rollercoaster. Get off the ride, and take on an agent that makes it clear what they can and cannot achieve.
    • Tie you into ridiculously long contract. If an agent ties you into a contract for more than 8 weeks, they are not serious about selling your home. A good agent should be able to work hard to sell your house as quickly as possible.
    • Over value your house. In an attempt to hook you in, they quote pie-in-the-sky unachievable prices, and then quickly pressurise you to drop the price when lower offers are made.
    • Fail to give honest feedback. Has everyone who looks round your house been put off by the paisley carpet? Felt the garden is too dark because of the imposing hedge? Not appreciated your neon wall colour choices? A bad agent will brush these comments under the carpet, and be afraid to recommend improvements to you, losing you all opportunities for a quick sale at a good price.


    If you would like a ‘great’ Estate Agency experience when selling your home, ring or drop in for a chat with us at Halliwell Marks. If your house is already on the market and many of the ‘bad estate agency’ criteria are ringing true, then talk to us about how we can change that for you. Halliwell Marks is a great Estate Agency, and one that you can trust to meet the grade. Call us on 01737 303099 for more details.

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